Bodies of Language

This is my graphic poem Bodies of Language.

it is a graphic poem in booklet format, with free-flow lettering, stream of consciousness words, and associative one-shot drawings. The work explores the relationships between physicality and mental states. From the frustration of never truly knowing what’s going on in someone else’s head, to the sometimes embarrassing realisation that ultimately we are bodies, not minds. They seek to evoke either feelings of isolation or connection, or both. Finally, the line between letters and drawings is blurred as they both become conveyors of words and bodies.

Bodies of Language // Calligraphy ink on Munken paper // 14.8 x 21 cm // 10 euros / 15 NZ dollars //

1.Title a5

3. fucking pencil a5

4. page 1

5. page 2 a5

6. page 3 7. page 4 8. page 5

9. page 6

10. page 7

11. page 8 12. page 9

13. page 10

14. page 11

15. page 12

16. page 13 17. page 14

18. page 15

How does it end?
Click here for the full poem!


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