Eighteen / A Partly True Story

A comic adaptation of a short non-fiction story by Dunedin’s author Garth Cameron. It’s a story about a kiwi boy in World War Two; a story of someone way too young to fight a war. It’s a story about growing up; about the desire of flying; about being alone. It’s a story about crashing and losing but finding.

The story is set during the Guadalcanal campaign of August 1942 to February 1943 (Solomon Islands), and is loosely based on the experiences of Sergeant T E Ganley (rear gunner).

Eighteen cover jpeg

Cover Eighteen / A Partly True Story

Eighteen page 4 jpg

Page 1

eigtheen page 5 jpg

Page 2

eighteen 6 jpg
page 3

eighteen 7 jpg

page 4

eighteen 8 jpg
page 5

eighteen 9 jpg
page 6

eighteen 10 jpg
page 7

Now what? Read how the story continues…

Contact me to purchase a full-sized paper copy or read the full story here

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