My Legs Transported Me

A mixture of me in 2013 and 2015. A self portrait, a fragment of a memoir, but more accurately a portrait of my imaginations. I travel in real time and physically, but I also travel in my mind and the two are intricately intertwined. These are my wishes/desires/fears/alternative realities that I have imposed on the dullness of life. Or. I have let real life infiltrate into my inner world. So. Welcome.

I’ve also experimented with the form. The illustration style is fluid – it begins and ends at completely different places. The start is minimalist and clumsy; then pen is replaced by charcoal, charcoal by indian ink; small little scribbly lines become big confident sweeps. You’ll find out…maybe..

My Legs Transported Me // 5 euros or 6.5 NZ dollars // ink on thick white paper // 21 by 29.7 cm //

1. Title NEW 2 inside NEW

my legs 1
page 1

my legs 2

page 2

my legs 3 NEW

page 3

my legs 4 NEW

page 4

my legs 5
page 5

my legs 6 new
page 6

my legs 7
page 7

Read full comic here!

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