Slayer Mouse is the playful alter ago of comics artist Suus Agnes. Mouse produces graphic experimental works including comics, letterpress poetry, collage, graphic poetry, and illustrations. Born in the Netherlands, based in New Zealand.


Slayer Mouse studied Literature and Museum Studies at the University of Amsterdam, and completed a Master’s in Creative Non-Fiction Writing at the University of Otago in New Zealand. She is also a beekeeper, organic gardener and environmental communicator. She has spent several years volunteering for nature conversation organisations, including for the New Zealand Yellow-Eyed Penguin and the Jewelled Gecko.


Her works are dream-like and colourful with a dark undertone. She likes to explore the outer boundaries of what constitutes a comic: her work breaks free from the perfect rectangular and square panels; from the thick, hard black lines in which characters and scenes are often shaped. The human-nature relationship is a central theme in her work. Stories are inspired by the bizarre, the uncomfortable, and the underdog. Insects and amphibians frequently show up in her work, in an attempt to subvert the disdaining ideas many people hold against these animals. She is also fascinated by derelict places where nature starts to take over (such as abandoned theme parks or old barns) and seeks to extract their history and beauty. At times, Slayer Mouse says the things that Suus cannot say.


Her main goal is to put a smile on your face.


Twitter. @sourlemonpress (Suus Agnes)
Facebook. Suus Agnes
Email. suzanneclaessen@gmail.com

Please feel free to talk to me! I like it.




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