The Beekeepers Pt. I, II and III

The people, the bees, they are not here, but everything speaks of their presence.

The beekeepers pt. III

The Beekeepers Pt. III

The beekeepers pt. II

 The Beekeepers Pt. II


The beekeepers pt. I

The Beekeepers Pt. I


These three illustrations form a wordless narrative. The narrative takes pace in a valley in Yemen. In this valley, a special type of honey is created: Sidr honey. This honey is made from flowers of the Sidr tree, and is one of the most valuable honeys in the world, both in its price and in its medicinal properties.

This is the outsider-perspective of a  hobbyist beekeeper in New Zealand. Each image increasingly distils the essence of similarities between humans and bees: our “hivey” nature. Fast snapshots from a distance (pt. I and II) as well as careful close-ups (pt. III) allow a glance on the structural similarities, the patterns that remain beyond our own physical presence. Our houses. Our honey. They are both governed by a careful geometry, while the playful and unpredictable nature of our lives always shines through.

While the Middle East has been politically isolated for a long time, the beekeepers continue to connect the people and the bees across the world, speaking a universal message of what it means to be a human in this world.

 // All images are 19 x 20 cm, coloured ink on Fabriano paper //

Apologies for poor scanning quality. Feel free to contact me for further enquiries about these works.

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